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• Name: Dr. Abdulla Afeef • Address: Hudhu Villa ge' / S. Meedhoo, Rep of Maldives • DOB: 14th August • Present Job: Senior Consultant in Pediatrics at The Clinic and Primax Medicare / Male'


• Primary Education: Nasriyya School / S. Hulhudhoo, Rep of Maldives • O'Level: EPS / Male', Rep of Maldives • A'Level: SEC / Male', Rep of Maldives • MBBS - CMC: University of Madras / Vellore, India • M.Med. Sc (Paeds): Yangon Children's Hospital / Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


• 2003 - 2007: Drug Rehabilitation at NCB (Representing Ministry of Health) • 2003 - 2007: National Child Protection (Representing Ministry of Health) • 2005 - Present: Advisory Committee to DPRS of Home Ministry regarding the improvement of prisons as the chairperson

About Afeef

By admin | July 15, 2015

F8Y-2982Abdulla Afeef is a child specialist. He specialized in Pediatrics in 1998 at Yangon Children’s Hospital. From 1981 to 1985, he worked at a secretary in Ministry of Health and in 2003, he was an Advisor to Department of Public Health, before resigning from the Government in 2007. At Department of Public Health, he was involved with Disease Control, Child Health & Nutrition, and teaching on the job staff.

Abdulla Afeef has been constantly engaged in the field of healthcare. He also presented Ministry of Health at the National Narcotics Control Bureau from 2003 to 2007.

He has joined politics in 2007, after resigning from the Government services. He has widely travelled in Maldives seeking support for reformists and their activities. He has also given several political speeches in various atolls addressing large gatherings.

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